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About Us

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A World class learning experience

The Vivekalaya group of institutions is the parent group that has now added its newest stream of the Central board syllabus through Vichara world school. The group, founded in 1989 has shaped the educational environment of Coimbatore for almost three decades. The group's first foray into education was through Vivekalaya's nursery, which grew to become Vivekalaya matriculation and higher secondary school.

Developed on the concept of making education adaptable for all types of learners, Vivekalaya was the first school to cater to students with additional learning needs. The school remains the only inclusive setting in a formal educational environment making allowances for differential learners. With the intention to make schooling a joyful experience, the group revolutionized known avenues of learning. Learning is centered around activity and channeled through multi-sensorial approaches.

Vivekalaya was also the first school in the city of Coimbatore to ban corporal punishment, aggressive verbal corrective measures and homework (till middle school). Teaching, learning and testing are the areas that the group has reinvented in our approach to education. With a strong emphasis on linguistics and organic growth, Vivekalaya's curriculum has been age-appropriate, rich in language and developed by adopting the best practices across the globe.

Why choose Vichara

Our Vision

 Our Vision is to empower students through a holistic learning experience to set goals, make the right choices, grow and develop integrally, maximize their potential, become responsible citizens and contribute to society in a positive manner.

Our Mission

 Our mission is to create a nurturing place of learning, Orders, Truth, Love, Happiness and Relaxation and to provide opportunities for each person to become responsibly independent and effectively interdependent in order to achieve worthwhile purpose.

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